KidsSTREAM's Summer Camp

This program provides six weeks of engaging activities that infuse STEM, research, and the arts. Students will leave the program with a strong ability to apply their critical and creative thinking through real-world application. Registration opened February 20, 2018.

KidsSTREAM Enrichment Program

KidsSTREAM Enrichment Program proves before and after services for children in Waldorf, Maryland. Each day consists of STREAM activities, hoemwork assistance, and mentoring. Field trips will be available on certain days. Registration will open on Monday, August 14, 2017.

Tutoring for Elementary and Middle School 

The Maryland College and Career Readiness Curriculum for reading, math, and science are totally different from the ways we, as adults, were taught. Students will receive one-on-one or small group support to help them maintain their success in school.