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Week 1                                                                        
KidsSTREAM Summer Camp ended last week doing a great job explaining how force and motion applies to the field trip they took. Please check out the three videos that our students complete.The video were the idea of Paper Slide Presentation, presented to Ms. Anya and Mr. Myers at a conference in February at the PETE&C Conference sponsored by Discovery Education.

Dr. Lodge McCammon shared how a Paper Slide Evolution and how effective it is to teach others what they learned. Our campers between ages 4 -7 years old share which field trip they liked the best. Our campers between ages 8 - 13 discussed how force and motion applies to everyday life.
You can find out more how to implement the Paper Slide Presentation in your camp or school at http://lodgemccammon.com/

Week 1 KidsSTREAM Summer Camp